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Have you been waiting for the market to “improve” or perhaps for the weather to “improve” – whatever your reason for waiting to put your Mountain home on the market – Now is the Time!  Talk to a listing agent with knowledge of the local market (not all of us do) who knows that, regardless of what’s said in the media or on the streets may not be the true story – especially regarding our very wonderful and unique area.  There are buyers and while they are seeking “good deals”, many of them have cash – we are seeing more cash buyers than ever before – in all price ranges.  Have you noticed Blue Jay lately?  Our little Blue Jay Village is blooming with new business and restaurants joining our wonderful Blue Jay standbys.  Weather is gorgeous, flowers are blooming, trees are leafing out – Now is the Time!

Whether selling or buying, Now is the Time.  Have you buyers been waiting for lower prices, lower interest rates, the market to “bottom out” – whatever the hesitation, if you really want to share in our Mountain Lifestyle, Now is the Time!!!  In my twenty five years of practicing real estate in the Lake Arrowhead area, I’ve never seen lower prices or better interest rates.  Granted, lenders do not make it easy – but than is anything really worthwhile in life easy?  Get busy, call me today to receive information on listings in your price range and on our market place in general.  My team and I make it our business to provide buyers and sellers with the most up-to-date market information and with all that is needed to make those important buying and selling decisions.


Posted April 1, 2011 by Carol Banner in Mountain real estate

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