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Realtors in WashingtonDC
May 11, 2012

I want to thank Lynn Wilson, Derek Leistra, Cynthia Carley and Kriss Grove for attending the N.A.R. Mid Year Meetings and Realtor Rally.Rim of the World Association of Realtors will be well represented!  If you’ve opened any messages from N.A.R., you know about the Realtor Rally at the Washington Monument on Thursday, May 17 – where over 15,000 Realtors from every state will be standing up for Home Ownership in America – the American Dream!  We’ve been told by our Congressman and others that buyers need to have “more skin in the game”-  meaning 20% or more down payment on a home mortgage.  Realtors know what “skin in the game” really means to a home owner – it’s the school their kids attend, being a part of a neighborhood, a community, improving their home, building equity and all things connected with home ownership.  We know that the Mortgage Interest Deduction is being scrutinized by Congress for reduction or elimination. Next week, every Congressman and Senator in our Nations capitol will be visited by Realtor constituents to let them know that Realtors support the preservation of Home Ownership in America and will vehemently oppose any legislation/regulation that threatens it.  On May 17th – go on line and join your fellow Realtors in standing up for Home Ownership in America!!

Posted May 11, 2012 by Carol Banner in Mountain real estate

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