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Can Old Dogs learn new tricks??  The world of Social Media is both challenging and exciting and I’ve been hanging on the outskirts for months – wanting to get going and just not quite taking the time or effort the make it happen.  I’m grateful to my compadres at Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty – Boss Steve Keefe is encouraging us with classes and lots of great info on his blog.  My Partner, Holly Galligan, is a technology whiz and, busy as she is, finds time to help me.  Assistant, Nicole Ethridge, keeps all my info updated and makes me the envy of my office for having such a savvy side kick.  It does, indeed, take the input, encouragement, and sometimes a kick in the pants to take the necessary steps.  I do know it’s important to share what we know and to help others achieve their dreams and goals.   So now I have a plan and my instructions from Holly and Nicole and I’m ready to take on the World of Social Media!!  Check out my page on Facebook and see how I’m doing.  Would love your input – keep me on my toes!!!  If the information I’m sharing doesn’t interest or excite you, then it has no value and a lot of time has been wasted – yours and mine!!!

Posted February 16, 2011 by Carol Banner in Moutain info